Online Stores

Offer your products to the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with an online store

Our main emphasis is on creating full-featured e-commerce sites. The future (and present) of the web is interactivity, and offering your visitors the opportunity to purchase your products online is a great way to interact with your customers. Today’s shopper expects top service and functionality from their web shopping experience, and we create e-commerce websites that provide excellent shopping experiences.

Customer-friendly online stores

Customers don’t want to find out about your product on the web and then call or write you (even email you) to buy or use it – they want to be able to buy your product right now, and if you won’t let them do so, many of your competitors will! The internet is all about ultra service: the customer gets to buy his or her merchandise when they want, from wherever they are, without having to wait in line or talk to anybody.

Our online stores make shopping easy and fun, displaying your products in an attractive user-friendly manner that sells.

Complete e-commerce solution

And that’s where a total -commerce solution comes in. A full featured e-commerce site incorporates all of the bookkeeping and stocking tools and reports of a modern brick and mortar store with the flexibility and utility of a shopping cart that allows the customer the utmost in convenience and usability. The customer’s experience is intuitive and seamless, and the merchant enjoys the use of a large selection of selling and marketing tools, such as gift certificates, batch mailing capabilities, affiliate programs, etc.

Total flexibility

And what is so special about the web, you can work on your store from anywhere in the world with internet access!

Our focus

Our concept is to offer our client one-stop shopping: A complete, turnkey on-line store, with every detail taken care of, from securing a domain name, procuring top-notch hosting, designing an attractive, intuitive interface, creating and populating a comprehensive database, down to registering your site with the major search engines.


So if you’re thinking of entering the internet market place, or if you already have a web site, but would like to upgrade it to a full-featured on-line store, fill out our contact form, call us at 808-868-0436, or drop us a line!

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