Business Websites

What’s a brochure business website?

A brochure website is a business website that serves to showcase your company or its products, without server interactivity. In other words, a site that while putting your business’ best foot forward, doesn’t offer interactive services, such as on-line shopping, etc.

When to use a brochure business website?

Brochure business websites are perfect for businesses such as lawyers’ offices, or for other professional services that want to establish a presence on the web, and provide their prospective clients with a source of information about their company, but don’t have a service or product they wish to market directly.

What about client-updateable content?

Of course! Each business website we build includes an easy to use content management system, whereby you can edit and add pages, insert images and photo galleries, and much more.

Can we add extra functionality to our business website?

Certainly! Each business website we build is custom-designed for our client. Whatever your specific needs are, we will build your website to suit. You might need a password-protected area to share internal memo, or a login page where clients can make payments, or a calendar of events, or a chat box to engage your website visitors in real-time, or an online forum, where you can discuss issues with your customers – whatever function you need to make your website perfect, we will implement.

And the cost?

Because of the reduced amount of work required to create a brochure-type business website, these sites are more economical to create.

Our solution

We will design for you an attractive, intuitive business website that best showcases your company’s assets and represents you to your clients in a professional manner.

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