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Online Stores

Maui Web Designs: E-Commerce web sites

Sell your products online with an e-commerce site. This kind of site gives you all the tools necessary to make money on the web:

  • Custom, attractive, professional design
  • Shopping cart with all the bells and whistles
  • Unlimited products, categories, and pages
  • Easily self-updateable
  • Total marketing solution: tell a friend, wish list, cross-selling, Facebook, and much more/

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Brochure web sites

Maui Web Designs: brochure business web sites

If your business doesn't need an online store, a brochure site might fit the bill. Put your best foot forward with confidence with a web site that reflects your business to its best advantage .

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Site Overhauls

Maui Web Designs: brochure business web sites

Is your web site getting old and tired? Are you not getting the business from the web that you would like? We can help!

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And see what we can do to spice up your site and increase your online business!

Maui business Web sites that work for you 24/7

Your web site has one primary purpose - to bring you lots of business!

Every web site we create is designed with that very important goal in mind - what's the good of a beautiful web site that doesn't make you money?

A great business web site has to:

  • Project a professional image
  • Be easy and intuitive to navigate
  • Make an irresistible offer to site visitors
  • Offer a clear path to fulfill that offer (checkout page or contact form, etc.)
  • Rank highly on Google and other major search engines for the appropriate search terms
  • Include a content management system that allows the site owner to easily update the site

And your new web site will!

Each web site we build is a complete internet presence solution, with all the tools necessary for your business to succeed on the web:

  • A great domain name
  • An attractive, professional custom design, perfectly tailored to your business's needs
  • Clear, intuitive navigation to make it easy for your visitors to buy your products
  • Relevant content
  • Contact and other forms as necessary
  • All the widgets, slide shows and displays necessary to get your message across in style
  • A complete content management system whereby you can easily control all aspects of your site's content: edit and add pages, upload photos, set up slides shows and much more
  • Access to thousand of free apps and plugins to extend your site's capabilities

E-Commerce - sell your products while you sleep!

The world wide web represents the largest market the world has ever seen and with an e-commerce web site it can be your oyster! We specialize in full-featured online stores that give you all the tools it takes to sell your products online:

  • Intuitive shopping cart
  • Physical and digital online sales
  • Comprehensive administration section
  • Unlimited products and categories
  • Excellent marketing features: tell a friend, cross-selling, wish list, social networking, Facebook, etc.
  • Total content management system - add and edit pages, categories, products, blog, etc.


Business web sites

If your business does not involve much direct selling on the web, a brochure site might be what you want: This is an attractive, professional site that tells the world about your business, provides information to your customers and visitors and serves as your piece of the web.

Like all our sites, our brochure sites provide a content management system whereby you can easily update your site from any web access.


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