As we all know (or should know), content is king online, both for marketing and search engine placement purposes. The key to your site’s success (besides offering something of value to the world) is presenting that content in an attractive, effective way.

Put Yourself in Your Visitors’ Shoes

This is the most important principle in writing great marketing copy – never forget whom that copy is targeting! It’s very easy for website owners to wax eloquent on their latest project or idea, but when you forget who is going to be (hopefully) reading that copy, your efforts are in vain. Each word you write should be aimed at the goal of satisfying your site’s visitors’ needs and desires.

Keep it Snappy, Pappy

Attention span? What attention span? Two sentences, if you’re lucky! Limit each paragraph to two sentences – nothing turns off the average web surfer like long blocks of dense text!

Hit Them With Your Best Shot

Most website visits never make it past the home page! Put your best offer top and center – this is no time for subtlety!

Have a Clear Call to Action

What do you want your visitors to do? If you’re not clear on that, they won’t be either! Write your copy with a very clear goal in mind, whether it’s to send them to your online store, get them to sign up for your newsletter, or contact you for more information.

Use the Proper HTML Headings

Make it easy for your visitors to scan through your site and find what they want by providing a descriptive heading to each paragraph. This not only makes your site much more attractive and user-friendly, but if you use appropriate keywords in your headings, also helps your site place better in search engine returns for those keywords.

Keep it Light

We have all been so swamped with spam and out-of-control marketing, that we have developed a protective shell against aggressive marketing. Make your case in a personal, comfortable way – it works much better that way!