Smartphones and tablets are now the primary web surfing devices

More than half the web surfers today are on smartphones or tablets and the percentage rises daily! Older websites that were designed to suit desktop screens are now at a disadvantage, since they’re hard to read and navigate on the smaller screens.

No business can afford to  pass up potential customers by making it difficult for them to view their website. That’s an obvious reason for any business on the web to upgrade to a mobile-friendly website.

The best way to make sure your website is easily viewable on all devices is with a responsive design. Responsive websites adapt to the size of the screen to offer the optimum viewing experience at any size.

But now there’s another major reason to have a responsive website: Google penalizes sites that aren’t mobile-friendly!

Your site will drop in Google rankings if it’s not optimized for mobile viewing! No one is more aware of emerging web trends than Google, and knowing that mobile users are making up the majority of web surfers, they have changed their algorithms to favor mobile-friendly sites and penalize sites that don’t render well on smartphones.

Realistically, your business cannot afford to depend on a website that’s not keeping up with the times

Every website we build is responsive, of course, and we would love to build you one! If you’re interested in discussing your internet presence and see what your options are, I’ll be happy to answer any questions – advice is always free! 😉 Call Jerry, 808-250-3036.