iphoneThe biggest trend on the web right now is the move to smart phones and tablets as the primary web browsing tools – at this time, more than half of the web surfers are using mobile devices, and that number is growing daily. What this means to you as a business owner is that if your site doesn’t provide an easy-to-use interface for these visitors, you are losing out to your more web-savvy competitors.

Dedicated Mobile Websites

An early solution to this phenomenon was to provide the mobile visitors with an abbreviated, simpler version of the site. The site would determine the device the visitor was using and serve up the appropriate version.

This stop-gap measure was based on the old standard: the desktop was king, and mobile devices had to be acknowledged, but not necessarily given equal footing.

The New Reality

Now, however, when mobile visitors are outnumbering desktop users, the paradigm has to change – mobile is now number one, and for businesses, offering limited versions of their websites to mobile users is no longer a viable business plan.

Enter Responsive Design

What is responsive design? Responsive web design displays the same website in different ways depending on the visitor’s screen size, to optimize usability and legibility for all devices. Rather than offering a miniature version of the site on a small screen, responsive design breaks down the content of the site to present it at its best no matter what device is being used. For example, if the site is a classic three column layout with a main content area and two sidebars, as the screen size gets smaller, the menu hides behind the familiar three horizontal line “hamburger” and the columns stack on top of each other, so that each is fully legible on the screen.

How Does That Affect My Business?

Mobile-friendly design is important for all businesses, but is even more important for any business that deals with visitors – visitors are much more likely to go online with their smart phone or tablets than with a desktop, obviously.


If your business website isn’t mobile-friendly, you are being left behind by the times, and your competitors are profiting from your inattention. Think of how much you use your phone or tablet to find places and products, and realize that your customers are doing the same, especially if they’re away from home.

The Solution

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